Recently, we have had the chance to view the finished display home built by Millstone Homes. It was a great experience to see the real house after working on the visualisation of it for a few weeks. The house has been completed to perfection and the grand opening was a great success. With over 50 guests visiting the house, it was a busy and exciting evening. The exterior of the house looks amazing and the interiors are truly impressive.

Congratulations to Millstone Homes and thank you for the opportunity to be part of this beautiful project!

Millstone Homes Display Home Exterior

We loved the exterior of the property. It looks so different from the other display homes in the area and really stands out. We also enjoyed the red carpet presented for the grand opening. Now I know what celebrities feel like! 🙂

Millstone Homes Living Area

The living area is a brightly lit, open-planned space with an ample amount of natural light. The light colour scheme gives a relaxing and homely feel to it.

Millstone Homes Display Home Bedroom 02

The bedroom is spacious, light, airy, and filled with energy. The perfect place to relax after a hard day.

Millstone Homes Display Home Pictures

There is nothing better than some homely pictures (about wine) to really make you feel comfortable with friends and family.

Millstone Homes Display Home Bedroom 3

The second bedroom is a cozy room for guests or family members.

Millstone Homes Display Home Bedroom 01

Even the hallway has a nice feel to it. Simple and comfortable.

Millstone Homes Display Home Bedroom 4

The third bedroom is also specious and modern. The feel is simplistic and non-distractive. Perfect for getting a good night’s sleep.

Please use the slider above to compare the 3D visualisation that we created with the real home created by Millstone Homes.

The overall look and feel of the exterior and interior is wonderful. I can already imagine enjoying time their with friends and family. I really liked the space in the display home as a whole. The colours are simple and not distracting with flashes of colour and patterns throughout to catch the eye and create interest. It was a very enjoyable experience.

Well done again to Millstone Homes on another successful project! May we wish you the best of luck with this display home!

If you are in the Perth area and are looking to build a new home, you may want to contact Millstone Homes directly for sales and display home information. The details are below:

Millstone Homes Contact Information

Contact person: Lianne Moore

Phone: 08 9200 5830

Email: [email protected]